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NEW! Fall 2016 Launch Specifier

This specifier references our fall 2016 launch. It includes reference to our 7 New Conservation & Whitecore colors, plus a White Conservation with an extra deep Canvas emboss.

This sample is not available when requesting SP-2015.
(SP-2015 includes SP-NC-16.)

Order #: SP-NC-16

New Spring 2017 Museum Launch

This set includes 3 new 100% cotton Museum colors, in 2 different sizes in both 4 and 8ply options.

This sample is not available when requesting CS-MB-0116.
SP-MBCSC-0417 includes CS-MB-0116).

Order #: CS-MB-NC-0417

NEW for 2017 Museum & Conservation Solid Core Specifier.

This real chip specifier includes a complete reference list of Peterboro’s Museum 100% cotton line, as well as our Conservation Solid Core line.

This sample is not available when requesting SP-MBCSC-0417.
SP-MBCSC-0417 includes CS-MB-NC-0417).

Order #: SP-MBCSC-0417

5 in 1 Space Saver: Contains all Conservation, Whitecore, Regular, Blackcore and Conservation Solid Core.

This sample is not available when requesting CS-CWCCSC-0816.
(CS-CWCBCCSC-1016 includes CS-CWCCSC-0816.)

Order #: CS-CWCBCCSC-1016

Museum (100% Cotton)

This set includes Peterboro’s full line of Museum 100% cotton matboards as well as our Conservation Solid Core line.

This sample is not available when requesting CS-MB-NC-0417.
CS-MB-NC-0417 includes CS-MB-CSC-0417).

Order #: CS-MB-CSC-0417

Designer Fabrics & Suedes

(Includes the complete set of Silks, Real Linens, Linens, Weaves and Suedes)

Order #: CS-DFDS-0414

Corner Caddy


22" Acrylic Caddy ($25 Charge)

Please contact your local Peterboro distributor for this item and note that distributors may charge for corner sample caddies.

Order #: Mat Caddy 22"



Swatch Specifier for Museum, Conservation, Whitecore, Blackcore and Regular matboards.

This sample is not available when requesting SP-NC-16.
(SP-2015 includes SP-NC-16.)

Order #: SP-2015

Real Swatch Fabric Matboard Specifier which contains our complete line of: Designer Suede, Real Linen, Linen, Weave, and Kobi Silk matboard references.

Order #: SP-FAB-2015

Marketing Materials


Corner Sample Dividers

Contains 12 matboard caddy dividers, labels for each of our Peterboro matboard lines, as well as extra blank labels for custom labeling.


Removable Window Cling Decal

"Preserve your Art & Memories with Professional Picture Framing"

Order #: WD-0114

2014 PPFA Comparative Standards for Matboards

A Comprehensive Guide of Classifications and Specifications

Order #: PPFA-0114

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