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Cotton's Place in History

Cotton Conservation

While cotton's history dates back more than 7000 years, it was the French who began to use cotton extensively during the 12th century. French museums display works on cotton dating as far back as the 1100's. Today, documents of historical significance and fine art prints are produced on paper made from natural cotton fiber. Pure cotton in its natural form has been unquestionably proven through the ages.

Peterboro Museum Core

Peterboro's newest line of conservation matboards is based on the legacy of cotton. This premium conservation matboard offers unsurpassed quality, permanence and value. It has been designed for framers and conservators who insist on the centuries of proven protection that only cotton can provide.


This specially designed matboard has been uniquely constructed using only the finest materials. Peterboro Museum Core meets or exceeds all international standards for conservation matboards which provides framers and their clients peace of mind.


  • 100% Virgin cotton rag core and backing
  • Pigmented conservation quality surface papers
  • Bleed and fade resistant throughout
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate
  • Consistent core and fibre density resulting in smooth, clean bevels
  • Cotton is naturally acid and lignin-free
  • Cotton core & backing is 100% renewable and green friendly

Cotton Conservation


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Conservation Solid Core